Silo Feeding Technology

High silo rotary cutters

Mus-Max produces high silo cutters for maize meal silage. Furthermore, for the high silo extraction of maize chaff and grass silage, chains or auger silo cutters are produced. Silo cutters are available for silo diameters from 2.5 m - 9.0 m. The maximum silo height technically works up to 25 m.

High silo rotary cutter type "Komet"

The "grass cutter" from Mus Max, functionally reliable, powerful performance. Suitable for grass and maize chopped silage.  

High silo rotary cutter type "MSA"

Supported maize silo cutter for the top removal of maize grain silage. High filling and removal capacity. 

High silo rotary cutter type "HMSB"

Professional hydromatic silage cutter for CCM silage, fully automatic filling and removal cutter.

Maximum performance. Long service life thanks to stainless steel design and Sauer Danfoss hydraulic components. 

Available for silo diameter 2,5 - 8,0m

Available for silo diameter 2,2 - 4,0m

Available for silo diameter 3,0 - 8,0m
(sizes up to 9.0m available on request)


The turbo cyclone enables large suction and conveying distances of up to 60 m. Can be used for all types of silos and silage.

Whole grain systems

The airtight storage method for freshly harvested, unground grain maize and cereals. Unimportant withdrawal quantity, winter operation trouble-free, daily freshly ground maize, whole grain silage: a proven system. Over 2,500 systems in operation.

GKM Whole grain mill

The ground material is conveyed up to 15m by means of a blower and cyklone.

Smog mill

This mill conveys the ground material almost dust-free with a stainless steel screw into the feed.

GKS mill

The GKS mill is mounted horizontally on the Mus Max CCM mixer.

Silo spreader

CCM maize spreader, electric drive, adjustable throwing bucket, exact distribution, better mixed silage, functionally reliable, can be used for silo diameters of 2-5 m. For pipe diameter 210 mm

CCM spreader D 250

With gear rim drive and adjustable throwing tube, diameter: 250 mm; suitable for maize meal silage up to 40% moisture; for large silo plants from 5 m diameter, which is not distributed and compacted with the silo cutter.

Maize mills

The MUS-MAX maize mills are particularly suitable for ensiling wet maize (up to 55 % moisture, sieve 8-16 mm). Very high silos can be filled without any problems if the ground material is fed in a constantly uniform manner and the air supply is separate. When grinding dry cereals (oats, barley, etc.), no conversion of the maize mill is required, only a simple sieve change (sieve 2-4 mm). With a knife cross and a special suction gutter it is also possible to grind chopped hay or straw. Speed and torque optimisation has resulted in the highest throughput capacity with the lowest fuel consumption.

Maize mill type 77,88 und 99

Power: 60 - 380 PS

Output (wet maize): 12- 30 t/h

Drive types:
Direct bearing block for diesel engine
Gearbox f. Tractor or power unit
V-belt drive for diesel engine
V-belt drive for tractor

Maize mill type Giga 4

Power: 420 - 600 PS

Output (wet maize): 55 t/h

Drive types:
Gearbox f. Tractor or power unit
V-belt drive for diesel engine


Maize mill type Terra Mill 888

Power: 250 - 350 PS

Output (wet maize): 60 t/h

Drive types:
PTO drive for tractor