Company History

1859 The company MUS-MAX originates from the market blacksmith’s shop in Groß-St. Florian which Karl Gutjahr I. founded in 1859.

1885 His son, Karl Gutjahr II., runs the blacksmith’s shop until 1919.

1920 Karl Guß takes over the blacksmith’s shop with his wife Aloisia.

1925 After his death, his wife continues to run the blacksmith’s shop alone.

1926 Aloisia Guß marries the master blacksmith Karl Steindl.

1932 Cäcilia Halbauer is adopted as a child. Hundreds of carts, ploughs and harrows are produced.

1952 Daughter Cäcilia marries the master blacksmith Erich Urch senior. The old market blacksmith’s shop gradually becomes an agricultural machinery and trading company. The marriage produces three children (Karoline, Erich Karl, Bernhard).

1955 Grid wheels, twin rims and trailers are produced in large quantities. The company Reform in Wels is the main customer.

1967 Erich Urch sen. purchases a commercial building from the parish prebend in Groß-St. Florian. A workshop with a petrol station is built there afterwards.

1973 The production hall at the new site is taken into operation. Erich Urch jun. marries Helene Knapp. The marriage produces three children (Nina, Robert, Florian).

1974 Now Erich Karl Urch junior and his wife Helene are running the company together with Erich Urch senior. Screw conveyors, maize mills and general maize processing machinery is developed and marketed successfully.

1975 The brand name "MUS-MAX" is created.

1979 A further production hall with 800 m² is taken into operation. Workforce: 25 employees

1984 Successful sales to Yugoslavia, Switzerland and the FRG provide motivation. Workforce: 38.

1985 Erich Urch jun. becomes CEO of the MUS-MAX Urch KG. A limited liability company is set up for distribution. His wife Helene Urch becomes authorized officer.

1986 Exports are extended to Sweden and Italy.

1988 A two-storey factory with 1,500m² becomes necessary. Full-grain facilities complete the range of products.

1989 Erich Urch sen. takes his well-deserved retirement. Now Erich Urch jun. and his wife Helene run the business together. A further factory extension is carried out. The total building area comprises 4,000 m² now.

1991 Nibbling, edging and welding robots are added to sheet metal processing.

1994 Successful exports to large companies in the Czech Republic. The largest silo facility in Europe with a silo space of 4,000m³ and 12,000 porkers is supplied from Groß-St. Florian. The modern laser cutting technology makes its entry. Wood chopping machines are developed. 
Number of employees: 48

1995 Flat silo rotary cutters perform well on the market. New supplier contracts for the industry (catalytic converters). Erich Urch jun. becomes Styrian federal guild master of the agricultural machinery engineers.

1996 Development of tractor blowers for filling full-grain facilities. Market introduction of the stainless-steel tipper discharge screw.

1997 Mobile chopping units are developed and sold. Great success with sale of CCM-Mus spreader.

2000 New product: digester screw for biogas plants

2003 Ing. Urch Robert joins the company MUS-MAX after having gathered 5 years of experience elsewhere, and a new laser machine is purchased at the same time.

2004 Another factory extension with 300m² for large chipper construction is taken into operation. Workforce: 50 employees

2005 A new bevelling machine Trumpf V850 is added to the machinery.

2006 Construction of the new factory II on the extended company grounds – to be used as assembly shop for wood chopping machines. Exports to Belgium.

2007 Successful exports to Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia. Development of chopping machine WT 9 XL.

2008 Strong increase in sales in Spain, Poland, Hungary and Croatia. New truck with 23 m crane.

2009 "150 years – our anniversary year" / new truck 416; successful new chopping machines WT 8 XL and WT 11 Z.

2010 New export country: Finland; new milling machine "Doosan – vertical machining centre"

2011 Conversion of shop / factory with 600 m²; new turning machine Doosan; workforce: 80 employees

2012 Purchase of a new factory in Wettmannstätten (1.500 m²) for machining

2013 Factory III: Investment in a modern milling machine DMG MORI-SEIKI DMF 360

2014 Factory I: A grand dimensional, electronical balancing machine and a new Mercedes-truck are purchased.

2015 A big sheet bending roll with four rolls and a new folding machine from Trumpf is taken in operation in factory I. In factory III a "Doosan"-CNC-lathe supplement the machinery.

2016 The new laser cutting machine TruLaser 5030 fiber delievers perfect results at thinner and thicker sheet metal. A new low-loader supplement the vehicle fleet. Numerous investments in the machinery were taken – among them is a special section shears from the brand GEKA.

2017 Two new 5-axis milling machines and a CNC lathe (DMG Mori) were put into operation in Plant III.

2018 2018 A new edging machine (Trumpf), 2 forklift trucks and welding equipment are added.
"Mus Max" is registered and protected as a trademark all over Europe.

2019  2 new Doosan milling machines with 4 axes are purchased. The CCM Mill "Terra Mill" with bunker was developed. Current number of employees 105

2020 Mus Max company co-founder Erich Urch sen. died shortly after the completion of his 91st birthday. The production is modernized with new Trumpf welding robots and indoor cranes. 
The Mus Max PuMMa Hack-Truck is launched.